Cost Saving Tips for PCB Assembly

Regardless of how established a company is, we all want to save money from the usual cost of producing our products. However, we need to keep in mind that this must be done without putting the consistency and quality of our products at risk. The problem is that there is rarely a perfect way to do this. This goes the same with PCB assembly. Generally, fabricating printed circuit boards is a complex task. In order for it to be done perfectly, the right technology and experience are required. The people who do this project must also be dedicated for the work in order to produce high quality printed circuit boards.

Opt for a Reliable Manufacturer

PCBCompanies who want to cut the cost of their production often resort to low-cost shops. This can turn out to be a bad idea since it can cost you more in the long run. You can even end up having issues in terms of the functionality and quality of your PCB assembly.The reliability of the manufacturer as well as the output of the production must always be considered even when trying to lower the costs.

Always remember that your products reflects the image of your company and you are basically handling that over to a manufacturer which is why you have to be cautious in choosing which one to opt for. If you do not want to have a damage reputation at the end of the line, doing a bit of research regarding the company you are planning to opt for will serve you well. You have to be certain that you are able to provide your clients high quality products consistently.

Choose the Standard Specs

The specifications of your designs have an important role in determining the cost of the production. This industry has already established and tested certain fabrication procedures. This includes specific components and sizes.

The more customizations you add, the costlier this process can get. It is best to stick to the standard specifications. In addition to saving from customizing certain parts and components, it will also allow a large amount of the process to be automated. Keep in mind that hand placement and soldering do not only cost much but also consumes time. This is the perfect reasonwhy you have to avoid them as much as possible.

External Review

It is important to have a professional outside the assembly company you opt for review your printed circuit boards. The engineers or technicians of most manufacturing companies will only check if your PCBs can be manufactured. Many basic errors has already been avoided because of this service. The problem is that most of these technicians do not actually know the purpose of the PCBs or how each of them are supposed to work. Getting someone else to review your printed circuit boards can help ensure the quality and functionality of your products. There are only a few manufacturers who can ensure the quality and test the functionality of your PBCs.

Bulk Orders

If you think your designs do not need any changes, it would be better to purchase in bulk. Economies of scale usually applies even better to printed circuit boards. However, you have to be confident with your design before doing this. Compared to other products, the materials needed when it comes to PCB assembly are very few. It usually just costs maintenance for the machines, electricity, components and solder. This depends on the projects though. This process takes lots of time though starting from creating the designs and preparing them. The procedure takes lots of steps before the PCBs can be assembled and their components to be placed accordingly.

Printed Circuit BoardsWe can help you understand how the printed circuit boards are being priced. You can also check our website to find out more about our services. In case you want to save money from the production cost, you can be certain that we are able to apply these factors and perhaps even more, depending on your project. You can feel safe with us as our engineers make the necessary reviews required to make sure that your designs are clear from discrepancy. With our vast experience in the PCB assembly industry, we are certain that we can help you increase your production rate while saving a fortune.


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Getting Storage Containers: A Step-by-Step How To

Steel storage containers are a quick, cost-effective, and interesting way to put a portable, robust structure in your business, yard, or on your flatbed trailer. You can make a makeshift roof deck instantly, stack them, and move them to a different location inexpensively. Just like most industrial scrap, storage containers can sometimes be extremely hard to move and find. Worry not, however, for this article will give you instructions that would surely help you find storage containers that are for sale and buy them.

Brush Up On Your Local Regulations

If you’re planning to put a big box of metal that weighs at least a thousand pounds in your backyard, you must ensure that the residential enforcers in your area won’t find out  about it, or else they will surely make you move them to a different location. Residential codes vary significantly from state to state, so you must verify the local regulations in your locale so that you won’t get into trouble.

To do it, you must:

  1. Do a Google search on city building codes in your locale.
  2. Click on the first search result that Google search presents you.
  3. Go and find the FAQs of the site and then look for a topic about permits and inspections.

Decide on What Type of Shipping Container You Want

Steel Storage ContainersThere are basically numerous different container sizes and types to choose from. You can choose whether you want an Insulated container, a Dry Freight, an Open Top, a Refrigerated container, a Flat track, or a Chassis trailer. Apart from that, storage containers come in numerous sizes: 20’, 40’, 45’, 48’, and 53’.

If you don’t know which size of container to choose, consider this: the 2 most common container sizes used in just about anything are the 20’ and the 40’. Both of these container sizes are about 8’ tall and 8’ wide. A refrigeration option is available for both of these sizes. While refrigerating your container saves you the task of insulating the container later on, they do cost at least a thousand dollars more depending on the size of the container.

Layout Planning

Once you determine the exact size of the container you are working with, you can now draft a plan on where and how you are going to use your container. Planning layouts is easy. You can use software like AutoCAD or Sketchup. For beginners, it is recommended to use Sketchup since it not only integrates with Google’s mapping service, but also comes with a container model for you to adapt.

Finding Your Container

Finding the container that’s right for you involves an easy and a hard way.

Easy way – If you want to do it the easy way, you can go to and look for a container there. Storage ContainersThey not only provide containers of different types and sizes, but they also deliver them right to your location. They offer top quality containers at an extremely competitive pricing. If you need to customize your container prior to delivery, they can do that as well. They can turn any container into a makeshift office, sleeping quarters, a kitchen, and even a bar. The possibilities are endless with

Hard way – The hard way involves finding a way to procure damaged and abandoned containers straight from the shipyard. Many people are trying to buy damaged containers from shipyards, since the container itself and the cost to fix it is cheaper than buying a brand new one. However, there are rumors of a probably commercial driver’s license requirement for this. And as we all know getting a commercial driver’s license is another costly endeavor.

Some companies, like, offer a container rental option. However, renting a container significantly restricts you from customizing it since the container technically isn’t yours.

Secure Your Container Location

Finally, if you are having your container delivered to you, make sure that the site where you will place the container is clear. Make sure that the location has a wide area, and the entrance to that area is accessible from the road. Keep in mind that this is a huge hunk of metal we’re talking about here. Believe us when we say that you’re going to have problems if the entrance to, or the area itself, where you will put the container is extremely narrow.

Make sure the site is free from any type of debris. Winches are also useful when moving your container into place. When moving your container, make sure you find a strong anchor for your winch. The use of a strong electric winch is not a bad idea, especially when moving 40’ containers into place.

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If you are looking for storage container, you can go to and look for a container there with reliable service and affordable price

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Choosing the Right Border for Your Custom Embroidered Patches

The borders are one of the most important parts of custom embroidered patches. However, most people overlook it when they create their designs. This is the reason why we keep putting up suggestions to our clients with regards to the kind of border that would fit their design and the type of their patches. The embroidery coverage is the basic aspect of a patch that should be considered when choosing the right border.

One simply has to determine which type of embroidered patches to go for, the ones with 100 percent embroidery coverage or the ones with less. There are only two basic types of borders to choose from. The regular or the most common one is the satin border. The other border that you can opt for is the merrowed one. The satin border is done by embroidering normal satin stitches onto the custom embroidered patches. The merrowed option on the other hand is done by using a special merrowed border machine to apply a special thread to the borders of the patches. It is just like adding a cap on the embroidered patches.

Choosing a border would not be quite as necessary as this if your patches have 100 percent embroidery coverage:

Custom Embroidered PatchesIn cases like this, a normal satin stitch border will already be enough. Remember that these types of patches are already thick so applying a merrowed border will not be as easy as the patches that only have 50 or 75 percent embroidery coverage. Merrowed borders cannot be applied straight to the patches with 100 percent embroidery coverage as well. This is the reason why this border option is likely to increase your costs if your patches have 100 percent embroidery coverage to start with. It would be better to opt for the satin border if you choose to have this kind of patches.

There is an easy rule to follow in choosing a border if you go for patches with less than 100 percent embroidery coverage:

The designs of this kind of patches are embroidered on cotton twill. This twill will be exposed by the time the patches are cut into the shapes they are supposed to have. This is a common problem for patches that have less than 100 percent embroidery coverage.

The twill will always fray on the edges. We cut our patches with a laser machine in order to be certain about the precision and the cleanliness of the cut. However, the fraying is still inevitable. It usually frays at least a bit. This is the time when we advise that a merrowed border should be applied. Capping your embroidered patches with this border can prevent the fraying and will allow a more clean look for your patches.

Embroidered PatchesWe have also encountered clients that refuse to have the merrowed border though their patches have less than 100 percent embroidery coverage. There are also others that do not want their patches to have this border option so they can avoid the additional costs it can bring. If you are considering the merrowed border option, you should also be aware that this can add a day or two to the duration of production. The clients who are in a hurry of getting their patches, those who have a hectic schedule to follow regarding their patches and those who are getting a rush order usually do not opt for this border. If you are one of them, it is important to choose a background or twill color properly since keeping in mind that it should also be the color of the border.

It is ideal to order your custom embroidered patches ahead of time in order to prevent this kind of problem. We use the most precise and cleanest cutting equipment there is which is the laser cut machine but it cannot prevent the twill from fraying. This is the reason why it is best to go for the merrowed border. If you want your patches to have a vintage look though, you can just let their borders have the satin stitches so they can fray a bit.

There are lots of things to consider when designing custom embroidered patches:

However, whatever you have in mind, you should not forget about the borders. It can take more manufacturing time and can also cost more which is why it is an important thing to consider right by the time you plan to purchase patches. If you are not yet certain about your design, you should not worry since we can help you with that.

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What you Need to Know about Challenge and Custom Coins

For decades, those serving in the U.S. military have carried special coins from the moment that they are deployed until they finally retire. These coins are specifically minted and branded with the particular mottos and symbols associated with the soldier’s unit. Even if they are separated from their military family, they will forever carry the pride of their unit with the aid of these custom coins.

Nowadays, even those who do not necessarily practice a military lifestyle revere the existence and symbolism of the challenge coins. Also, the use of these custom coins is no longer limited to the military. Servicemen who work as firefighters, sailors, policemen, soldiers, and even the Marines proudly carry their own personal coins.

These are now meant to signify the bearer’s affiliation with a well-respected and recognized unit.

Brief History of Challenge Coins

Military Challenge CoinWhile there is no concrete evidence that can be used to trace the origins of modern challenge coins, history suggests that the tradition can be traced to Ancient Rome. It is said that an enlisted Roman soldier could expect to receive a special coin as a reward for a display of valor or for simply rendering excellent service to the emperor.

Compared to the other coins that were given as a salary, these special coins contained the mark of a soldier’s platoon. As a result, many of the soldiers considered these items more as mementos rather than as regular currency.

In more recent history, challenge coins were seen to have played a significant role during World War I. An unnamed soldier was said to have been given a special custom coin that bore his squadron’s insignia. When he was captured by the Germans, only the coin was left in his possession. This particular coin apparently saved his life since it was recognized by the French who had initially planned on executing him on suspicions of working as a spy.

After this incident, special coins were specifically minted by Colonel Quinn of the 17th Infantry Regiment and distributed among his men during the Korean War. Since the Colonel carried the moniker Buffalo Bill, the coins bore a buffalo on one side and the unit’s insignia on the other. To make it more convenient for his troops, he had holes drilled into the coins so that they could wear them as medallions, instead of carrying them around in separate pouches.

In modern society, challenge coins are specifically differentiated from coins used as currency. The customized coins are either handed out as special tokens for exemplary service or exchanged with others as a way to grow personal coin collections. Civilians are now permitted to buy and own these special coins to help the military gain more publicity or raise more funds.

Physical Characteristics of a Challenge Coin

Although most challenge coins are at least 1/10 inches thick and measure at least 1.5 inches in diameter, they can still come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Custom coins can be shaped like dog tags, shields, or arrowheads. Their designs can also incorporate cut-outs, 3D effects, and highlights. The cheaper and simpler custom coins are commonly made of copper, nickel or pewter, while the more expensive coins can be plated in gold.

The Game

While they originally served as medallions or tokens, these coins eventually became known as challenge coins. The reason for this moniker is the fact that they are usually used in games wherein coin-bearers use the items in challenges and games that often have corresponding penalties for the losers.

The origins of the challenge coin game initially began with the use of actual coins. Americans stationed in Germany during World War II used pfennigs in their games. These held the lowest denomination in German currency. The soldier who was unable to present a coin once the game was initiated had to pay for a round of beers.

Eventually, soldiers began using their customized coins or medallions instead of actual coins. Any soldier who was unable to procure his coin once the game was called, had to buy a drink for the other players who had brought their own coins. Conversely, if everyone around the table was able to bring out their coins, the challenger who initiated the game had to buy everyone else a round of drinks instead.

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Guide To Hiring The Perfect Motivational Speaker

If you are an event organizer or a staff member who is responsible for hiring the perfect motivational speaker for your company’s next corporate event, then you must be feeling a bit intimidated right now. It is a tricky task. You can either get it right or wrong. The success of the company event is now hinged on your making the right choice.

Motivational SpeakerWe at understand this challenge about picking the perfect motivational speaker suited for the unique expectations and needs of a company event. First of all, there are hundreds of motivational speakers out there to choose from. Second, their portfolios can be a bit misleading. Some have great websites but little experience in speaking in front of a crowd. Others have clocked in tons of speaking engagements but have crappy websites with little information about their work. Third, the best of them are going to be expensive. The great ones usually are.

When an even organizer does find the perfect motivational speaker, their contribution to the company and to the individual lives of the people participating in the event can be immeasurable. At, we understand that tailor fitting the speaker to the event and the audience determines the success of an event.

To guide you through the process of looking for a motivational speaker for the event you are planning, here are some tips:

1. Determine the budget. Knowing the amount the event is willing to pay for the speaker narrows down your choices. For example, there will be hundreds of speakers to choose from with a budget of $5,000, but only a handful with a budget of $150,000.

2. Determine the particular kind of speaker you need. At, we have a roster of speakers who are known for their sense of humor, their ability to inspire a crowd to action, a gift for storytelling, or informative presentations.

Ones you know your budget and the exact type of speaker you need, the next step is to look for the perfect one.

a. Inquire within your network of event organizers about recommendations.

b. Get in touch with a speakers bureau. They often have a list of motivational speakers and will be more than happy to connect you with them. Prepare to pay a fee of 20% to 25% on top of the speakers fee though.

c. Google it. Most motivational speakers have websites online with their contact information, making it easy for you to get in touch with them.

d. Narrow down your choice to two or three from the hundreds that will be available to you. Study their portfolio in detail before making the final choice.

Motivational Speakerse. Do intensive research on the speakers. Go through their website. Get in touch with them and ask for supplemental materials especially speaking engagement videos and published work. This is the best way to know if they are qualified to do the work.

f. Celebrity or fame is not a guarantee that a person is good at speaking in public. We at understand this all too well. Motivating people during an hour long talk is a gift. Just because a person is famous or is considered a big time celebrity does not instantly mean that he has the chops to rouse the crowd to action, or inspire them.

g. Once you have two or three choices organize a committee meeting and present the shortlist to them. Make sure to present the speaker’s portfolio. It is the best way to gauge their qualification.

h. Expect to negotiate with the speaker you choose to hire. Most of the time, they will leverage their extensive public speaking portfolio to increase their fee.

i. Maximize the presence of the motivational speaker while at the event. Often speakers want to arrive early for the event so that they can mingle with the crowd. You can also ask them to stay after the speech or presentation. They can have a booth to sell their products for example.

Keynote Speaker

j. Make sure to sign a contract with the motivational speaker. We cannot stress this more at There are rare instances when a speaker is incapable of attending an event. You will want to have a written agreement about refunding fees in the off chance it does happen.

Although at first choosing the perfect motivational speaker to speak at your event may seem a daunting task, you have a guarantee that you will find the perfect fit.

We at comprehend this test about picking the ideal motivational speaker suited for the novel desires and needs of an organization occasion.

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How To Choose The Right Taylormade Golf Bag

It all begins with the first attempt. Maybe your golfer friends wanted you to just give it a try- “just one swing, mate” – and then before you know it, you are in love with the game. You started out with just one trusted Taylormade golf club; after all, you did not expect to find the game of golf quite an exciting one. But now that you are an avid gamer to the point that you and the staff at your go-to golf course are already on a first-name basis.

Taylormade GolfBut now that you consider the golf course pretty much your second home, it is no surprise if your golf club collection has grown from just one Taylormade golf club to over 15, maybe even 20! As you probably know now, various kinds of golf clubs create and affect your back swing so to make sure you do not miss a tee-shot, you wish to have it with you as you go around the golf course. The dilemma here is you do not know what kind of golf bag to buy.

This article is specifically written to help you gain knowledge of what makes a great golf bag.

First thing to look for in a golf bag is padding. Check if it is thick and sufficient enough to protect your clubs’ heads. This is very important especially if you plan to take your golf clubs with you on an out of town or country trip. With typical golf clubs having shafts that go as long as 45 inches, you would have no problem finding a Taylormade golf bag since the height of these things often range from 50 to 55 inches.

Now if you have any plans of traveling, it would be best if you choose to buy a hard shell case golf bag. You have to remember that you cannot hold the airline liable if the flight cause any minor or major damage to your golf clubs. Though a soft Taylormade golf bag offers flexibility, the set shape of a hard case will ensure better protection for your golf clubs. Take note though that if you travel mostly by car and are looking to save money, just go for a high-quality soft golf bag than resort to a cheap, low-quality hard shell case one. Soft golf bags usually come in leather (genuine and faux), various types of cloths as well as canvas.

For the best case scenario (pun intended), you can opt to buy a hybrid travel golf bag. Though it will cost you a little more than an average hard case shell golf bag, a hybrid one is not just a purchase but an investment. With a hybrid golf bag, you get a cart bag that also serves as a travel bag which comes with the advantage of the hard-shell case. The hard-shell case is something you can fit over your golf club heads and can easily be attached to the bag itself.

Golf Bags

Just keep in mind what the purpose of a golf bag is- it is to protect your Taylormade golf clubs. So if possible, invest in the best you could find in the market. You have to realize that a one-time, big-time purchase of a high-quality Taylormade golf bag will save you more money than having to buy one every now and then because you opted to go for low-quality ones that are easily damaged.

Also, you can always ask a golfer friend for advice, better yet, let him or her come with you so he or she can help you out in choosing and buying one.

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Top Warnings about HCG Diet Drops

HCG diet drops present very real results in terms of weight loss. However, it is always advisable to practice precaution when taking in something a little different into your body. It may be a naturally-occurring hormone, but it is being taken into the body in a completely different condition.

Weight loss could have been triggered by the very low calorie diet.

While HCG can suppress appetite, you can easily lose weight with the 500 calorie daily diet that it is supplementing. The hormone does take away a bit of the pain in practically starving yourself but a no-cost low calorie diet may also do the job for you, albeit with the hunger pangs.

The diet can cause dizziness.

Because you are immersing yourself in a diet that promotes a calorie intake that is less than half the recommended healthy one, you will experience bouts of dizziness. A diet of HCG diet drops may erase the cravings but it can still let out feelings of weakness and nausea. Also remember that HCG is ever present in the bodies of nauseated and weak pregnant women in their first trimester.

A physician should be consulted.

HCGIf you do decide that you will still undergo the HCG diet plan then at least consult a physician or a nutritionist. The shots should be administered by a professional. Similarly, the drops should also be ingested with the guidance of a medical professional.

A 500 calorie daily diet can be dangerous.

The 500 calorie diet plan is dangerous to say the least. Imagine being dizzy from starvation and trying to perform some usually simple tasks, such as reading. It can be difficult to focus. Now, imagine driving through traffic for an hour with that diet plan and you know that something can go very wrong. Observe if the HCG diet makes you feel weak. If it does then you may have to support the shots or drops with exercise and perhaps a few added, healthier calories.

The HCG diet displaces the vegan diet.

Vegans would be displeased that their 500 calories would include proteins, such as skimmed milk. Ordinarily, vegans would not add dairy into their meals. That would make them lacto-vegetarians, in the first place.

It is not a gluten-free diet.

For those who had hoped to have a gluten-free diet along with one that causes weight loss, this is not that diet. HCG diet drops may be natural but they do not skimp on proteins, even ones that may trigger an allergic attack. If you have a gluten allergy then you might want to find protein alternatives.

HCG is natural – for a pregnant woman.

A lot has been said about HCG diet drops being natural. However, HCG does not simply occur in bodies that are not pregnant. So, while you may still decide to use HCG as a means to suppress appetite and cravings, it is still important to know what the hormone can do to a non-pregnant body. It may not do anything wrong at all, but conducting any form of research should help you keep safe.

There are side effects.

Ads had declared HCG as free of any side effect. This is not really true. Although it may not trigger as many side effects as other supplements and weight loss concoctions, HCG can cause side effects other than dizziness. Expect one or more of the following side effects: headaches (from eating too little), constipation (from not having enough food to digest), rashes (due to the rapid burning of fats), and leg cramps (due to low potassium levels).

This article isn’t pointing out that HCG, as a weight loss supplement, is junk. After all, many have already benefited from the hormone. However, it’s crucial to remind people to conduct more research before following this unique diet plan.

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