Choosing the Right Border for Your Custom Embroidered Patches

The borders are one of the most important parts of custom embroidered patches. However, most people overlook it when they create their designs. This is the reason why we keep putting up suggestions to our clients with regards to the kind of border that would fit their design and the type of their patches. The embroidery coverage is the basic aspect of a patch that should be considered when choosing the right border.

One simply has to determine which type of embroidered patches to go for, the ones with 100 percent embroidery coverage or the ones with less. There are only two basic types of borders to choose from. The regular or the most common one is the satin border. The other border that you can opt for is the merrowed one. The satin border is done by embroidering normal satin stitches onto the custom embroidered patches. The merrowed option on the other hand is done by using a special merrowed border machine to apply a special thread to the borders of the patches. It is just like adding a cap on the embroidered patches.

Choosing a border would not be quite as necessary as this if your patches have 100 percent embroidery coverage:

Custom Embroidered PatchesIn cases like this, a normal satin stitch border will already be enough. Remember that these types of patches are already thick so applying a merrowed border will not be as easy as the patches that only have 50 or 75 percent embroidery coverage. Merrowed borders cannot be applied straight to the patches with 100 percent embroidery coverage as well. This is the reason why this border option is likely to increase your costs if your patches have 100 percent embroidery coverage to start with. It would be better to opt for the satin border if you choose to have this kind of patches.

There is an easy rule to follow in choosing a border if you go for patches with less than 100 percent embroidery coverage:

The designs of this kind of patches are embroidered on cotton twill. This twill will be exposed by the time the patches are cut into the shapes they are supposed to have. This is a common problem for patches that have less than 100 percent embroidery coverage.

The twill will always fray on the edges. We cut our patches with a laser machine in order to be certain about the precision and the cleanliness of the cut. However, the fraying is still inevitable. It usually frays at least a bit. This is the time when we advise that a merrowed border should be applied. Capping your embroidered patches with this border can prevent the fraying and will allow a more clean look for your patches.

Embroidered PatchesWe have also encountered clients that refuse to have the merrowed border though their patches have less than 100 percent embroidery coverage. There are also others that do not want their patches to have this border option so they can avoid the additional costs it can bring. If you are considering the merrowed border option, you should also be aware that this can add a day or two to the duration of production. The clients who are in a hurry of getting their patches, those who have a hectic schedule to follow regarding their patches and those who are getting a rush order usually do not opt for this border. If you are one of them, it is important to choose a background or twill color properly since keeping in mind that it should also be the color of the border.

It is ideal to order your custom embroidered patches ahead of time in order to prevent this kind of problem. We use the most precise and cleanest cutting equipment there is which is the laser cut machine but it cannot prevent the twill from fraying. This is the reason why it is best to go for the merrowed border. If you want your patches to have a vintage look though, you can just let their borders have the satin stitches so they can fray a bit.

There are lots of things to consider when designing custom embroidered patches:

However, whatever you have in mind, you should not forget about the borders. It can take more manufacturing time and can also cost more which is why it is an important thing to consider right by the time you plan to purchase patches. If you are not yet certain about your design, you should not worry since we can help you with that.