Getting Storage Containers: A Step-by-Step How To

Steel storage containers are a quick, cost-effective, and interesting way to put a portable, robust structure in your business, yard, or on your flatbed trailer. You can make a makeshift roof deck instantly, stack them, and move them to a different location inexpensively. Just like most industrial scrap, storage containers can sometimes be extremely hard to move and find. Worry not, however, for this article will give you instructions that would surely help you find storage containers that are for sale and buy them.

Brush Up On Your Local Regulations

If you’re planning to put a big box of metal that weighs at least a thousand pounds in your backyard, you must ensure that the residential enforcers in your area won’t find out  about it, or else they will surely make you move them to a different location. Residential codes vary significantly from state to state, so you must verify the local regulations in your locale so that you won’t get into trouble.

To do it, you must:

  1. Do a Google search on city building codes in your locale.
  2. Click on the first search result that Google search presents you.
  3. Go and find the FAQs of the site and then look for a topic about permits and inspections.

Decide on What Type of Shipping Container You Want

Steel Storage ContainersThere are basically numerous different container sizes and types to choose from. You can choose whether you want an Insulated container, a Dry Freight, an Open Top, a Refrigerated container, a Flat track, or a Chassis trailer. Apart from that, storage containers come in numerous sizes: 20’, 40’, 45’, 48’, and 53’.

If you don’t know which size of container to choose, consider this: the 2 most common container sizes used in just about anything are the 20’ and the 40’. Both of these container sizes are about 8’ tall and 8’ wide. A refrigeration option is available for both of these sizes. While refrigerating your container saves you the task of insulating the container later on, they do cost at least a thousand dollars more depending on the size of the container.

Layout Planning

Once you determine the exact size of the container you are working with, you can now draft a plan on where and how you are going to use your container. Planning layouts is easy. You can use software like AutoCAD or Sketchup. For beginners, it is recommended to use Sketchup since it not only integrates with Google’s mapping service, but also comes with a container model for you to adapt.

Finding Your Container

Finding the container that’s right for you involves an easy and a hard way.

Easy way – If you want to do it the easy way, you can go to and look for a container there. Storage ContainersThey not only provide containers of different types and sizes, but they also deliver them right to your location. They offer top quality containers at an extremely competitive pricing. If you need to customize your container prior to delivery, they can do that as well. They can turn any container into a makeshift office, sleeping quarters, a kitchen, and even a bar. The possibilities are endless with

Hard way – The hard way involves finding a way to procure damaged and abandoned containers straight from the shipyard. Many people are trying to buy damaged containers from shipyards, since the container itself and the cost to fix it is cheaper than buying a brand new one. However, there are rumors of a probably commercial driver’s license requirement for this. And as we all know getting a commercial driver’s license is another costly endeavor.

Some companies, like, offer a container rental option. However, renting a container significantly restricts you from customizing it since the container technically isn’t yours.

Secure Your Container Location

Finally, if you are having your container delivered to you, make sure that the site where you will place the container is clear. Make sure that the location has a wide area, and the entrance to that area is accessible from the road. Keep in mind that this is a huge hunk of metal we’re talking about here. Believe us when we say that you’re going to have problems if the entrance to, or the area itself, where you will put the container is extremely narrow.

Make sure the site is free from any type of debris. Winches are also useful when moving your container into place. When moving your container, make sure you find a strong anchor for your winch. The use of a strong electric winch is not a bad idea, especially when moving 40’ containers into place.

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