Guide To Hiring The Perfect Motivational Speaker

If you are an event organizer or a staff member who is responsible for hiring the perfect motivational speaker for your company’s next corporate event, then you must be feeling a bit intimidated right now. It is a tricky task. You can either get it right or wrong. The success of the company event is now hinged on your making the right choice.

Motivational SpeakerWe at understand this challenge about picking the perfect motivational speaker suited for the unique expectations and needs of a company event. First of all, there are hundreds of motivational speakers out there to choose from. Second, their portfolios can be a bit misleading. Some have great websites but little experience in speaking in front of a crowd. Others have clocked in tons of speaking engagements but have crappy websites with little information about their work. Third, the best of them are going to be expensive. The great ones usually are.

When an even organizer does find the perfect motivational speaker, their contribution to the company and to the individual lives of the people participating in the event can be immeasurable. At, we understand that tailor fitting the speaker to the event and the audience determines the success of an event.

To guide you through the process of looking for a motivational speaker for the event you are planning, here are some tips:

1. Determine the budget. Knowing the amount the event is willing to pay for the speaker narrows down your choices. For example, there will be hundreds of speakers to choose from with a budget of $5,000, but only a handful with a budget of $150,000.

2. Determine the particular kind of speaker you need. At, we have a roster of speakers who are known for their sense of humor, their ability to inspire a crowd to action, a gift for storytelling, or informative presentations.

Ones you know your budget and the exact type of speaker you need, the next step is to look for the perfect one.

a. Inquire within your network of event organizers about recommendations.

b. Get in touch with a speakers bureau. They often have a list of motivational speakers and will be more than happy to connect you with them. Prepare to pay a fee of 20% to 25% on top of the speakers fee though.

c. Google it. Most motivational speakers have websites online with their contact information, making it easy for you to get in touch with them.

d. Narrow down your choice to two or three from the hundreds that will be available to you. Study their portfolio in detail before making the final choice.

Motivational Speakerse. Do intensive research on the speakers. Go through their website. Get in touch with them and ask for supplemental materials especially speaking engagement videos and published work. This is the best way to know if they are qualified to do the work.

f. Celebrity or fame is not a guarantee that a person is good at speaking in public. We at understand this all too well. Motivating people during an hour long talk is a gift. Just because a person is famous or is considered a big time celebrity does not instantly mean that he has the chops to rouse the crowd to action, or inspire them.

g. Once you have two or three choices organize a committee meeting and present the shortlist to them. Make sure to present the speaker’s portfolio. It is the best way to gauge their qualification.

h. Expect to negotiate with the speaker you choose to hire. Most of the time, they will leverage their extensive public speaking portfolio to increase their fee.

i. Maximize the presence of the motivational speaker while at the event. Often speakers want to arrive early for the event so that they can mingle with the crowd. You can also ask them to stay after the speech or presentation. They can have a booth to sell their products for example.

Keynote Speaker

j. Make sure to sign a contract with the motivational speaker. We cannot stress this more at There are rare instances when a speaker is incapable of attending an event. You will want to have a written agreement about refunding fees in the off chance it does happen.

Although at first choosing the perfect motivational speaker to speak at your event may seem a daunting task, you have a guarantee that you will find the perfect fit.

We at comprehend this test about picking the ideal motivational speaker suited for the novel desires and needs of an organization occasion.