Top Warnings about HCG Diet Drops

HCG diet drops present very real results in terms of weight loss. However, it is always advisable to practice precaution when taking in something a little different into your body. It may be a naturally-occurring hormone, but it is being taken into the body in a completely different condition.

Weight loss could have been triggered by the very low calorie diet.

While HCG can suppress appetite, you can easily lose weight with the 500 calorie daily diet that it is supplementing. The hormone does take away a bit of the pain in practically starving yourself but a no-cost low calorie diet may also do the job for you, albeit with the hunger pangs.

The diet can cause dizziness.

Because you are immersing yourself in a diet that promotes a calorie intake that is less than half the recommended healthy one, you will experience bouts of dizziness. A diet of HCG diet drops may erase the cravings but it can still let out feelings of weakness and nausea. Also remember that HCG is ever present in the bodies of nauseated and weak pregnant women in their first trimester.

A physician should be consulted.

HCGIf you do decide that you will still undergo the HCG diet plan then at least consult a physician or a nutritionist. The shots should be administered by a professional. Similarly, the drops should also be ingested with the guidance of a medical professional.

A 500 calorie daily diet can be dangerous.

The 500 calorie diet plan is dangerous to say the least. Imagine being dizzy from starvation and trying to perform some usually simple tasks, such as reading. It can be difficult to focus. Now, imagine driving through traffic for an hour with that diet plan and you know that something can go very wrong. Observe if the HCG diet makes you feel weak. If it does then you may have to support the shots or drops with exercise and perhaps a few added, healthier calories.

The HCG diet displaces the vegan diet.

Vegans would be displeased that their 500 calories would include proteins, such as skimmed milk. Ordinarily, vegans would not add dairy into their meals. That would make them lacto-vegetarians, in the first place.

It is not a gluten-free diet.

For those who had hoped to have a gluten-free diet along with one that causes weight loss, this is not that diet. HCG diet drops may be natural but they do not skimp on proteins, even ones that may trigger an allergic attack. If you have a gluten allergy then you might want to find protein alternatives.

HCG is natural – for a pregnant woman.

A lot has been said about HCG diet drops being natural. However, HCG does not simply occur in bodies that are not pregnant. So, while you may still decide to use HCG as a means to suppress appetite and cravings, it is still important to know what the hormone can do to a non-pregnant body. It may not do anything wrong at all, but conducting any form of research should help you keep safe.

There are side effects.

Ads had declared HCG as free of any side effect. This is not really true. Although it may not trigger as many side effects as other supplements and weight loss concoctions, HCG can cause side effects other than dizziness. Expect one or more of the following side effects: headaches (from eating too little), constipation (from not having enough food to digest), rashes (due to the rapid burning of fats), and leg cramps (due to low potassium levels).

This article isn’t pointing out that HCG, as a weight loss supplement, is junk. After all, many have already benefited from the hormone. However, it’s crucial to remind people to conduct more research before following this unique diet plan.